Eyelash and skin care

Botox for eyelashes B-active, 5 ml

Essential assistant for lash lamination masters and all the clients who like to keep their lashes beautiful and in excellent shape.
B-Active has a double effect on the eyelashes: it gives them a remarkable look and makes their structure stronger.
The product ingredients include natural components that deeply nourish the eyelashes and restore them.

Cleansing Foam, 50 ml

The professional product for cleansing the face and eyelashes. Soft foam-mousse effectively and delicately removes the remains of cosmetics and surface contaminants. Suitable for daily use.
Store at temperature : 5-30’ C in dry place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
Best before : 36 months

Nutritious coating Lovely "Gentle", 10 ml

It covers the eyelashes with the invisible layer, by protecting against external effects.
Designed for long wearing and better connection of the natural lashes with artificial.
Coating should be applied after the eyelash extension procedure 2-3 times a week.

Black coating Lovely with the effect of toning, 10 ml

Covers the lashes with a thin layer, contributes to the long lash wearing, and supports the natural eyelashes regrowth.
Designed for longer wearing and better connection of natural lashes with artificial.
It has nutritional value and gives strength to the natural lashes.

Transparent lacquered coating Lovely, 10 ml

Envelops the eyelashes, minimizes adverse external effects.
Extends the time of lash wearing.
It should be applied to the lashes immediately after the procedure by a lash extension stylist.

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